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Ground Services Sound Pack v3 (GSS)

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  • Create Date February 17, 2021

Download Nick Kidd's Ground Services Sound Pack v3 for GSX (by FSDT).

Version 3 of Nick Kidd’s popular Ground Services Soundpack is available now! Ground Services Soundpack is an add-on for FSDT’s excellent GSX add on for FSX and Prepar3d. It replaces the default ground handler and boarding audio with real voices and recordings to enhance your immersion!

Version 3 is compatible with GSX’s regional voice settings. You can set any of the newly recorded voice sets for pushback or de-icing to any region defined within GSX. Select from the supplied voice sets or use the standard GSX voice for that region. You want UK voice for pushback and a Scandinavian voice for de-icing when you fly to France? No problem!

You can choose your sound set in flight if you want! In addition, it suppresses some of the more irritating boarding sound clips and applies more realistic boarding, catering, and truck engine audio.

You must have a registered copy of FSDT’s GSX software to use Ground Services Soundpack. Ground Services Soundpack neither alters the operation of, or includes any files or sounds from, the original GSX application.

The best bit? Ground Services Soundpack is still free for the Prepar3d/GSX community to download. Earlier versions of GSS have been downloaded nearly 30,000 times! Grab yourself the new version now at Aviationlads.com!



  • Selectable, newly recorded realistic custom regional voice sets.
  • Independently selectable ground and de-icing operations voice sets.
  • Replacement boarding sounds.
  • Replacement truck sounds.
  • Replacement catering sounds.
  • Easy to use installer for instant insertion of sound sets by region.
  • Change sound sets mid-flight to give a different audio voices on arrival.
  • Mix and match voice sets with the original regional GSX voice sets.

Audio examples:

You need to own Ground Service X by FSDT - you can buy this product here:

Ground Service X - Base pack (minimum requirement!)
Ground Service X - Level 2 Expansion (optional!)