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[TRAILER] Let’s discover Orbx | Ep.2

#Orbx goes #MSFS2020! Get ready to have your breath taken away, with ORBX products for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

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Let’s discover Orbx | Episode 2 – Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

An outstanding collection of regions and airports covering the world. Orbx products are must-haves for everyone. Check out some of their latest work and find your favorite! In this episode we present you the next four focus airports developed by Orbx. Stay tuned for more Episodes soon!

Orbx products are now available for Microsft Flight Simulator!
With the next generation of flight sim available, we have a wide range of Orbx products available for you to experience and enjoy right now.
These products are available from US$7.99 to US$19.99 – orbxdirect.com/msfs
Don’t forget your 40% discount if you already own a current sim version of these products and purchase via OrbxDirect.

Expand your horizons with the Orbx experience today!



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