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[TRAILER] SWS – Maia Airport | FS2020

Time to discover Portugal; Maia Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator #FS2020 developed by SimWorksStudios. We proudly present you the Official Trailer!

Maia Airport “Aerodromo de Vilar de Luz” | LPVL

Bienvenido a Portugal – Welcome to Portugal!

Maia –Vilar da Luz Airport (ICAO: LPVL) is situated near the city of Porto, 13km from Francisco Sa Carneiro international airport. Located atop a hill in the Portugese countryside, the airport offers a spectacular vista of the immediate surroundings and the cities of Maia and Porto, while rolling hills around the airport provide a beautiful and challenging scenery to fly. Home of Aeroclub do Porto, the airport hosts a flight and skydiving school along with the Aeroclubs three aircraft: a Piper Cub, a Cessna 152 and a Cessna 172.

Maia Airport is open only during the daytime for GA flying and pilot training. Traffic in and out of the airport is controlled from Francisco Sa Carneiro airport, as LPVL’s tower is only used for training and phraseology by student pilots.

Also included is Torre do Lidador, a 20-storey tower that host’s Maia’s town hall and used by pilots as a VFR landmark for navigation.

Available soon via the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace!


  • High detail scenery with accurate buildings and custom materials
  • Detailed tower interior
  • Accurate mesh (within FS’ limitations)
  • Animated hangar doors that open at daytime and close during the night
  • People standing around the airport, varying with time of day
  • Custom tunnel near threshold of runway 16
  • Custom landmark: Torre do Lidador, a 20-storey tower in the city of Maia

• Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020