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Happy Easter to everyone!
Day 4 has started, and we introduce to you the next developers and their great products.

SimBitWorld is compared to the other already introduced developers relatively new in the flight simulation market. They concentrate all their knowledge and creativity to develop a tool called ‘A Pilot’s Life’. This is not an add-on which changes your visual experience but more gives you the illusion of being a real pilot. A Pilot’s Life application will generate your daily schedule of flights, track them, give you purpose to fly and provide a sense of continuity while you do this. Everything is based around your commercial pilot career. It will take you from the first steps of a junior first officer employed at a small local company, to a senior captain at a world-renowned airline. In the beginning you will be offered a job and you will generate your schedule. As you progress and complete more flights, you will earn virtual money and experience (XP) based on flight time and number of routes completed. After a while, you will advance in pilot rankings, receive offers from other airlines and most importantly, you will have fun doing this! A Pilot’s Life – It’s time for a new adventure!


29Palms is a small German developer named after his first project ‘Twentynine Palms Airport’ in the Mojave Desert. They strive after creating sceneries with character. They are well-known for their Samos, Skiathos, Nuremberg, Southampton and Berlin-Brandenburg (at least we have it in our simulators) sceneries. Samos has one of the most challenging approaches in Europe. Skiathos literally blows you away – cause of the runway ending next to a small street and the harbor. That’s the reason why it is called ‘The St. Maarten of Europe’. They are dedicated in bringing you accurate, highly detailed airports with lots of features to explore. Then, flight simulation is about exploring places far from home. We had the chance to work together with them on the Nuremberg official trailer video, since the first beta version we were really impressed of all the small details you can find in their sceneries. In my opinion they have a great or even the best eye on ground animations too. If you fly to Nuremberg you will discover every time a new cool feature. From animated people, moving cars, fire trucks, busses, luggage carts driving different routes to high-detailed and high-resolution static objects. If you haven’t seen their products yet, make sure to check them out! And… why not choose your preferred 29Palms product now? Then you have the chance to win one of their products free of charge!


You all know SimMarket, this is your top one place to find nearly all addons (scenery, landclass, aircrafts and also hardware products). Simmarket is the biggest webshop available for flight simulation and also other simulation stuff. The guys at SimMarket offer you to win one of five vouchers à 20 EUR (€). You can choose on your own what product you would like to have. Keep in mind that there are many “stay at home” sales running right now so you will be able to pick up many different products for a small price.

This is your chance to win one of these products!


These awesome developers sponsored a prize for our Grand Easter Raffle 2020. Big shout-out to them, thank you! Check out their other products, they have much more to offer!