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[TRAILER] Arabian Airlines – Coming Home

We proudly present you the Official Trailer for the famous Arabian Airlines – Virtual Airline.

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Arabian Airlines – Always Rising | Virtual Airline

A virtual airline. A business concept. A vision. Arabian Airlines was founded in July 2001 and is virtually based at the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan. An organic and original airline concept, Arabian Airlines strives to proudly fly the flag of Jordan throughout the world and offer a high level of service. The virtual airline offers flights to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East from Amman utilizing its Airbus narrow body fleet of sixteen aircraft. Its slogan, ‘Always Rising,’ embodies the virtual airline’s aspirations to excel and set the standard in virtual aviation, and motivates the company to realize its ambition of one day seeing its virtual dream become a reality.
To learn more, please visit arabian.aero and careers.arabian.aero.

Arabian Airlines is teaming up with AviationLads to promote Arabian Airlines and capture the spirit of what makes this company special. Over the next several months and beyond, the two companies will be working together to create original promotions highlighting various aspects of the Airline and its operations. Arabian Airlines looks forward to releasing additional promotions and expanding its partnership with AviationLads in the near future.
by Mahmoud Fadli, CEO Arabian Airlines

Queen Alia International Airport (OJAI | AMM) is Jordan’s main and largest international airport, and is located in Zizya, 30 km south of the Capital City, Amman. It is named after Queen Alia, who perished in a helicopter crash in 1977. Home to Jordan’s official flag carrier, Royal Jordanian, it also serves as Arabian Airlines’ main operations hub. Arabian operates 46 daily flights throughout its network from Queen Alia International Airport to destinations throughout the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa.


Arabian Airlines takes pride in its fleet. Each of the sixteen aircraft are meticulously repainted and rendered for Prepar3D version 4 utilizing the exceptional FSLabs A32X addon series. At this phase of its virtual operations, Arabian Airlines utilizes 6 A319s, 5 A320s, and 5 A321s for its operations. Each aircraft carries a unique name, representing various aspects of Jordan and the Airline.

The airline’s livery is original and meaningful. The tail emblem has a dual meaning: it is an artistic representation of the letter “ain,” the first letter in Arabian’s Arabic branding, and a depiction of the talons of a falcon, a highly prized and respected avian in the Arab world. The red coloring, a specially chosen shade, represents the desert landscape over which the main emblem is placed. Lastly, the Arabian Black, another specially chosen shade, represents the roots of the company, similar to the dark henna used during the tribal period of the Arabian Peninsula. Each and every element of Arabian’s branding is meant to proudly represent the wonderous part of the world that it calls home, and the traditions, values, and aspirations of the Jordanian people.


Arabian Airlines is not your typical virtual airline. Pilots cannot simply apply and start flying the moment an application is accepted. Arabian strives to provide and educational experience, guiding its applicants through an examination and type rating process meant to teach them about the particulars of operating in the Middle East, and introducing them to the company’s extensive operational requirements. Pilots must first pass an entrance examination, and then take and pass an indoctrination and type rating examination to be cleared for flight. Arabian Airlines provides its applicants with all of the materials and resources that they need to succeed. Additional certifications, such as a CAT II/III endorsement, are offered through the examination system. Lastly, the Airline’s application system is only open during select periods of the year, ensuring that only the most serious and dedicated virtual pilots are recruited for this growing virtual airline.



Arabian Airlines virtual pilots must meet the following minimum pilot requirements as of March 4, 2020:

  • Must own a legitimate copy of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.X;
  • Must own a legitimate copy of the FSLabs A320-X addon (expansions optional, but recommended);
  • Must possess a VATSIM ID number (until POSCON is launched);
  • Must be 18 Years of Age or Older;
  • Must have a valid email address;
  • If applying for the Captain Direct Hire Program: 3,000 total VATSIM Hours, in addition to passing PIC examinations.To learn more, please visit careers.arabian.aero.


Arabian Airlines is overhauling its website and operations systems to introduce new features and update its branding to be consistent with the new logos and imagery that are now flown. Arabian expects these changes to be completed within the next three months. Please check arabian.aero often, and follow the Airline on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ArabianVA to stay up to date.