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[TRAILER] PilotAssistPro

Ladies and Gents, we are very proud to announce our partnership with Jet Express Technology Limited (or FS2Crew).

The partnership includes pre-release Beta-Testing, the creation of promotion videos for upcoming applications and after sale promotion on several platforms, forums and websites.
Thanks to Bryan York and the whole team at Jet Express Technology Ltd. for having us on board.
This is a very interesting and challenging experience for us!

We are proud to present you the official trailer for the recently released application “Pilot Assits Pro” by Jet Express Technology Limited. This app is mainly for real world flying but the very nice features can also help you during your simulator flights (real weather, notams, checklists, charts, …).
Designed for all types of pilots, Pilot Assist Pro™ is your perfect flying partner. Declutter the cockpit and access all of your flight resources – checklists, manuals, weather, flight logs, NOTAMs and more – right from your mobile device.



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Product information “PilotAssistPro”

  • Hangar – implement you own airplanes.
  • Checklist – use existing checklists or create your own.
  • Flight Logs – log your complete flight from engine start, taxi, takeoff until engine shutdown.
  • Weather & Notams – real live weather and notams
  • Charts & documents – implement your charts easily via dropbox synch
  • Scratchpad – note all important information fast.
  • Android version not planned right now – they will decide after the successfull launch of the Apple version.



We feel very honored that the developers from Jet Express Technology Ltd. decided to start further projects with us. We are looking forward to rock some cool projects together.

By Maurice Mockert