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[Release] Checklists

We released a new category on our website / download section. Now you are able to download many checklists and procedure guides for different airplanes free of charge.

What can you expect from now on:
With the start of our new product line / download section we offer checklists and procedure guides for the following aircraft types: A320, B737, B747 and Dash 8 Q400.
Further projects are already in work. To give you some examples whats on our to-do list: B777, B787, A330, Cessna 172. We will also redesign new checklists for emergency procedures.
But at first we are going to deliver the normal checklists and procedures for all common aircraft types. So please stay calm and give us some time to create all these files.

Last but not least: You can download all files free of charge! If you want to share them please read our terms & conditions for the downloads.

You can find the new download section here:
Checklists and Documents

We will announce new checklists and documents also on our facebook page. So make sure to subscribe to receive the latest files.


We are working very hard to deliver new checklists and documents from time to time. If you need a specific checklist please let us know and we will try to make it possible for you.

By #AvLads-Team