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[TRAILER] MK-Studios – Fuerteventura

New video from AviationLads released. We had the pleasure to do the official promotion video for the new Fuerteventura 2017 scenery from MK-Studios. As always a like is appreciated. Also comment & share the video if you like it.

MKStudios – Fuerteventura 2017
AVAILABLE SOON: www.mkstudios.pl

Average temperatures between 21°C – 27° C, mountains up to 700m covering the whole island and one of the best beaches in the World – That’s Fuerteventura. The add-on Fuerteventura 2017 is a great addition to beautiful holiday airports located in this part of globe. You may get a short ride to another island with turboprop in 30min to 1 hour, or longer ride to Madeira or Agadir that are available in little over 1 hour of flight. So prepare yourself to visit one of the most beautiful islands on the Atlantic Ocean! Expect turbulence during approach and occasional crosswind that will make all of this a challenge. All the island is covered with custom photoscenery followed by many autogen buildings and some custom placed 3D objects like lighthouses, ports, ships, swimming people or even more! If you want to do some VFR there’s local aeroclub airport available in the middle of the island, surrounded by mountains in close location to main international airport. The add-on is also compatible with AI Traffic, GSX and SODE v1.5.3. It was tested with ORBX Vector and mesh addons.


  • Photo realistic island coverage with custom height mesh
  • Highly detailed Fuerteventura Airport
  • Many custom local objects
  • Animated windsocks
  • Detailed Autogen covering the whole island
  • Dynamic traffic
  • SODE animated jetways and double jetways
  • AI Traffic compatibility, GSX (latest version) and SODE v1.5.3 compatibility
  • Configuration tool

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